How To Deal With The Complications Of Life

Have you been feeling that life is getting too complicated? I admit that I have. For example, it used to be that opening and responding to a piece of mail was simple and easy. Nothing complicated about it. But for the past few years we have been  very careful about how we open my mail. Ever since the time we received a piece of mail from a government organization.

We were expecting this piece of mail. It was nothing onerous. Just a routine form renewing Joan’s nursing license. We had been filling out this form year after year without any complications whatsoever.  However, this time I noticed that on the front of this envelope there was a message telling me to “Read instuctions for opening on other side”. So I turned the envelope over and read the instructions. “Open ends first. Fold and tear at perforation at top”. I thought to myself, “I could have figured that out without instructions.” But I am one of those persons who always reads instuctions first, and then obeys them to the “letter”, even if it’s about how to open an envelope. So I followed the instructions.

As it turned out, opening the envelope was only the first step. There was then the step of trying to interpret the instructions as to just how we were supposed to fill out the form correctly. But I won’t go into that. All of this once took a couple of minutes to take care of. Now it was at least a 15 minute ordeal. At the same time I thought about some other aspects of life that once were quick, easy, and simple to accomplish, but now required studying an instruction paper. I remembered how, when I was about eight years old, and we got our first TV, I figured out all by myself,in just a few minutes, how to make it work. But when we got cable TV, I had to study the instuction manual, and often it still takes a few tries to finally be able to watch the program I want to watch. Then there’s the computer, for which I have whole files of instructions, but can’t understand most of what they are trying to tell me. I think you get the idea. It seems to me that if things are getting to the point where, if you need instuctions for something as simple as opening an envelope and filling out what once was a simple form, life is really getting complicated.

Sometime the complications of life are just annoying. But there are those times when  they get to be really burdensome. If only we could find a simpler way of life. The way things used to be. You know, back in the day, before they had to print messages on your cup of hot coffee, warning you not to spill the hot coffee on yourself – because hot coffee can scald you. 

Of course, to some extent we can find ways to overcome these burdensome aspects of life. With some of them, we learn from experience how to deal with them so they are no longer an ordeal. We adapt and they become just ordinary routines of life. Sometimes we can ignore them, and go back to doing things the old fashioned way. However, in these times it seems hopeless to expect that we can fully escape all of the burdensom complications of life in this world. So what are we to do? Is there any hope that we can deal with those complications of life that there is no way to avoid, without being constantly frustrated and even angry?

Is there any hope when there seems to be no hope? If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you know the answer. Yes. No matter how hopeless the situation or circumstance seems to be, there is always hope. There is always good news in the midst of bad news

Here’s the good news. In the Bible we often hear Jesus speaking to people about dealing with the burdens resulting from the complications of their lives about 2,000 years ago. At one point, He tells them, “Come unto me, all that are weary and are carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you…For my burden is easy and my yoke is light.” (Matthew 11:28030)

We cannot escape all of the burdensome complications of life. Even Jesus couldn’t do that. But Jesus knew and taught how to deal with them. He promised the people then, and promises people now, to lighten the load by taking it upon Himself, making it much easier for us to deal with and overcome them. Jesus promised that if we turn the things that are complicating our lives over to Him, we will experience the peace, love, and joy in our lives, despite the burdens of life. And notice that He invites ALL to let Him share their burdens with Him. His help is available to all persons, regardless of their nationality, ancestry, race, religion, or financial or social status. All you have to do is invite Him to share your burdens. If you are feeling hopeless about the complications of life these days, just give it a try. As I look back over my 72 years, and as I experience the burdensome complications of life in the present, I can tell you that  Jesus continues to keep His promise to me “I will give you rest” . He will do the same for you. Give Him a try.

Grace and peace,   Ray


Thanks for your attention. We look forward to hearing your comments about our web-site. We also invite you to send us stories of your experiences and observations of present hopes and hope fulfilled, so we can spread them around the world via this web-site. This is one way we can all join together to help keep hope alive.

                                     May God be with you,

                                    Patty and Ray

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