How To Make The Right Moral Decisions

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The following post is written by my friend and partner in ministry (including this web-site), Patty Perez. The theme of this web-site is HOPE. We believe, based on the experience of ourselves and others, that when your hope is in accordance with God’s will, then you can count on it that God will fulfill your hope, in His time and His way. In this post, I hear Patty speaking about how we can be assured that God will fulfill our hopes about making the right moral decisions as we go through life.



What is morally right, wrong, or indifferent? In today’s global society this question could have many answers. For me in particular, I see the world changing its perspective from what used to be easy to deal with moral issues, to today’s globally challenging issues. With different cultures, religions, and age groups all trying to take a stance, it can at times be difficult to decide what is morally right or wrong. Fortunately for me, I rely on one thing to help me face each day’s moral dilemmas.

This one thing is actually quite simple. It consists of four letters in an acronym that reminds me to ask a simple, yet convicting question, “What Would Jesus Do? (WWJD?)”. As a Christian I believe that Jesus was and is God in human form. It is through these letters that I am reminded to heavily rely on God for answers to all my moral dilemmas. I believe that using God to address and answer all moral dilemmas is the best way to live your life. Because the Lord (God) requires us to act justly, love mercy, and to walk humbly with Him (Micah 6:8), we can be sure his guidance is the best way for all persons equally. This should not be seen as a way of carrying out religious ritual, but rather as a way of life. Asking yourself  WWJD before answering any moral dilemma is asking God to give you the mind of Christ (Jesus) and not simply your own mind.

One must see the bigger picture about what is right and wrong, with a sense of reasoning and not just feeling. The world offers various perspectives that are generated from individuals who are not always of the same mind-set. One’s culture, upbringing, religion, and physical ability to empathize all have a bearing on how we respond to moral dilemmas, it is critical to not rely only on our own understanding. We ultimately need to rely on the understanding of God. When we ask ourselves What Would Jesus Do?, we are asking God to give us the mind of Christ (Jesus) so that we can know how to make the decisions God desires from us.

After all, it is the world that calls for justice and requires us to act justly to all people, creatures, and beings. Yet the world also allows society to dictate what is right or wrong. This can and does sometimes result in people being persuaded to do such things as torture and kill at the urging of  human authority figures. Relying on the minds of human authority figures alone unfortunately shapes our world-view and often guides us to see the wrong perspective. It is because of this injustice, we as a society need to rely on God, who ultimately requires all people to act justly in all their daily activities. By asking to have the mind of Christ we are asking God to govern our choices. With God governing our choices we can be sure to face our moral dilemmas with the assurance and wisdom needed to help us make the right decisions. With God as our guide, we rely on His set of standards and His virtues.

To act justly is one of God’s standards. Another is to love mercy. Since “love” is a verb, this means we are to take action and be compassionate to all human beings, regardless iof their religion, race, national origin, social or financial status, or anything else that can separate us from each other. We will never live in a world of total agreement about morality or other issues. There will always be some state of disagreement because of mistaken facts or our natural conditions and religious beliefs. This should be more reason why we need to rely on the mind of Christ to help guide our way in a sincere effort to love others as ourselves. In doing so, we can be compassionate to the entire world.

God also requires us to walk humbly with Him daily. When we do this we can be assured that we are never far from His guidance. Through prayer, Bible study, and worship we can gain a closer relationship with God, and will then be better able to hear His guidance and wisdom on how to deal with all moral issues. Although religion might have rules and guidelines created by society, God’s ultimate ruling is equally loving and just for all human beings, since all have been created in His image. God loves the world unconditionally and therefore has the best judgement in and for all things.

Therefore, when faced with moral dilemmas, instead relying simply on your own mind as to deciding how to respond, one should ask God for the mind of Christ (What Would Jesus Do?), expecting that God will answer – in His time and His way.  This is the sure way to approach any situation. By letting God govern our minds, we can be sure that we will be able to love others as ourselves. It is the best way to live your life.

God be with you,  Patty


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May God be with you,

Patty Perez and Ray Gough

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