Instead Of Asking God To Fix A Problem, Try Asking God “What Should I Do?”

A few days ago, knowing that it would soon  be time to write another post for this blog, I had no idea what I was going to write. Of course, it would have to be something about the subject of hope, since that is the basic purpose of this blog. I thought I might find something in the newspaper that I could use as an example of hope being fulfilled or good news in the midst of bad news. Oh, there was a lot to hope for and a lot of bad news, but nothing that I read really inspired me at the moment. I was hoping that God would give me some inspiration, but I wasn’t hearing anything. So what to do?

Later that day I had to write a letter, using my computer. Nothing important. Just something to get out of the way. So I brought up the list of links on my external hard drive. I clicked on the link that said “letterhead”, which is where I electronically store letters I have issued. This should have taken about five minutes. However, it didn’t work that  way.  Oh, the letter I was looking for was there. But in the middle of the screen, covering the letter was an announcement from Microsoft. I can’t remember exactly what it said, but the basic message was along the lines of  “Microsoft Word has stopped working. We will let you know if we can find a solution”. Not good news, but I had hope that the problem would soon be resolved. So I waited. Nothing happened. I then brought up some other links I had stored on my external hard drive, hoping that the problem was just with that one link. However, every link which I had written with Microsoft Word had the same announcement. This was bad news. Especially since I don’t know a thing about fixing computer problems. But I still had hope that this could be resolved.

I then decided to do a complete check on the status of my computer, using my anti-virus/ malware program, which I have been using for years, and is very reliable. I had the program do everything it was able to do, and it gave me a complete status report on everything in the computer. This took most of the rest of the day. I wasn’t getting anything anything else done. The end result of all this was that there was nothing wrong with the computer. That was good news. The bad news was that the problem was still there, and the diagnostic report showed that “Microsoft Word is not working”. But I still had hope that I could discover how to fix this problem.

I spent most of the next day trying to figure out what I could do to fix my problem. I then remembered that the specific Microsoft Word program I was using was Microsoft 2003. About a week before I had received an e-mail from Microsoft about renewing and updating my program. At the time I decided that I didn’t need to respond to that. I didn’t really need upgrading, and everything was working okay. So I disposed of that e-mail. But now, about a week later, I began thinking that maybe the authorized use of the 2003 program had come to an end and I had to buy the program they were advertising via e-mail. By the end of the day I gave up hoping that I could get the Microsoft 2003 program working again. There was no good news in the midst of the bad news.There was nothing else to do but buy a new program.

After two days of dealing with this problem, with no success, I was beginning to feel guilty that I had given up on it. How could I honestly write in this blog that if what I was hoping for was in accordance with God’s will, then God would fulfill what I was hoping for? Early in the morning of the third day (today)I again prayed about this problem. Instead of asking God to fix it, I simply asked God “what should I do?” And guess what, God answered, reminding me that I still had the CDs which I used to install the Microsoft 2003 program. And there was no reason that I could not reinstall the program with those CDs. If I did that it might just start working again. So that’s what I did. And it worked.

Remember how I said at the top of this blog that I couldn’t find anything to write about? I was hoping for some inspiration from God, but I wasn’t hearing anything. Now as I’m finishing today’s blog I am realizing that this morning God actually fulfilled two of my hopes at the same time. Not only did God fulfill my hope for fixing my computer problem, but God used that incident to fulfill my hope for inspiration as to what to write in today’s blog. I was also reminded that even though God is usually faced with really big issues (war, natural disasters, crime, and all kinds f suffering), God is always available to deal with our much smaller issues (like writing a blog and fixing a computer problem). Also, God fulfills faith-based hopes, not necessarily according to our schedules or expectations, but in God’s time and God’s way.

Grace and peace,  Ray


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