God Is Never Too Busy To Hear And Answer Our Prayers

Over the years I have heard it said, and I have believed, that God answers prayers about the big things in life (careers, marriage, health, etc.) but does not get involved with the small routine things in life. For example, if you can’t find your car keys, God is not going to be much help to you. To believe otherwise is just wishful thinking on your part. So I haven’t bothered God with the little problems we all experience from time to time. But recently, I discovered that I was wrong.

Let me explain. I get very upset with myself when I can’t find something that I had in my hands the day before. Like my comb. I know I put it in my pants pocket after I combed my hair this morning. But now it’s tomorrow and it’s not there. So I look for it in all the obvious places it might be. On my desk, In the bathroom sink. In the bed room. But it’s not in any of those places. No need to pray that God will help me find it, since God doesn’t get involved in trivial issues like that (so I believed). I’ll just buy a new comb. Then, a few days later, I find my comb in the chair I usually sit in when I’m watching TV or reading. Obviously, my comb had simply slipped out of my pants pocket and onto the chair. So now I know where to look whenever I lose my comb. I don’t have to ask God to get involved in finding it. However, last summer I changed my mind (or God changed my mind).

Here’s what happened. Last summer I attended a college graduation ceremony which was held in a public building  in Philadelphia. I got there and back riding in someone else’s car, and since someone else paid for my lunch, there was no need for me to get out my credit card or driver’s license, which were, along with some other important cards and about $60 in cash, in my wallet, which I always carried in my back pocket. Upon arriving home that afternoon, I emptied all of my pockets to put the contents away where they belonged. Everything was okay, except my wallet, with those important contents, was nowhere to be found.

I immediately began thinking about where it might be. I phoned the facility where the event had taken place, the restaurant where I had lunch, and the driver of the car in which I had traveled. No one had found the wallet. Obviously, while in the crowd at the graduation, someone had somehow stolen the wallet from my back pocket. Since this was not a trivial matter like losing a comb, I prayed, asking God to help me find the wallet. I also asked God to help me get through the ordeal of reporting this apparent theft to the police and the credit card and other organizations whose cards I had in my wallet. That prayer was answered. I  soon received a new credit card and other important cards were replaced and when my credit car bill came about a week later, There were no suspicious charges. I thanked God for helping me get through this ordeal.

The only thing that still concerned me was the loss of that $60 that was in the wallet. As the weeks went by, I was convinced that God was not going to do anything in the way of finding the wallet and its contents, especially the $60. Until, about two months later, I received a phone call from the facility where I was sure my wallet had been stolen. The caller said that she was going through the safe in the lost and found office and found – guess what – a wallet with credit cards and an ID showing my name, address, and phone number. And, to my amazement – $60 in cash. A few days later I picked up the wallet and found that everything was there. Yes, even the $60. God had answered my prayer about finding the wallet.

How the wallet was lost in the first place I don’t know. It probably just slipped out of my back pocket. Some honest guest or employee had found it and sent it to the lost and found office. I don’t know why the wallet apparently sat in the safe for about two months, or why the person at the lost and found office chose to check on the contents of the safe when she did. What I do know, without a doubt, is that God did answer my prayer about finding the wallet, in God’s time (about two months later) and in God’s way (through some honest people who found, saved, and returned the wallet). Since then I have been praying a lot more, asking God to help me find various (trivial) things I have lost or misplaced. And every time, God has answered those prayers. God has fulfilled my hopes about finding those trivial things that I have lost or misplaced. That usually happens about once a week. God is never too busy, and nothing is too trivial.  

Grace and peace, Ray


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