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God Bless America

In a few days, Americans will again celebrate Memorial Day. This is one of a number of patriotic holidays Americans celebrate every year. On days such as this we usually find ourselves singing and listening to patriotic songs, especially the … Continue reading

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Good News – Love of God And Love Of Neighbor Will Prevail

Jesus tells the parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-33) in response to a question asked by some religious leaders. They ask Jesus, ” what is the greatest commandment?”. Jesus answers that there are two – “love God and love your neighbor … Continue reading

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Turn Your Anxieties Over To God

Yesterday (Sunday), the sermon I heard at my church service had to do with anxiety. The fear and worry that often arises when we are faced with difficult and unpleasant issues, problems, and concerns in our lives. The Biblical recommendation … Continue reading

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Participate With God In Bringing The Peace, Love, And Joy Of Jesus To The World

Recently, my son, Rev. Raymond A. Gough, pastor of New Limerick Baptist Church in Maine, wrote the following paragraph on Facebook: As I was vacuuming today I was reminded of James 2:26 says, “As the body without the spirit is dead, … Continue reading

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What God Wants To Be Done, Will Be Done – In God’s time And God’s Way

When I was ordained and began serving as a fulltime United Methodist pastor I was advised that United Methodist pastors are expected to take an annual week for a personal spiritual renewal retreat. At first I used that time to … Continue reading

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Stewardship Is A Way to Participate In God’s Ministry In The World

Before you read our latest post, we want to apologize to you for not posting for the past month or so. Unfortunately, my computer needed some repairs, which took much longer than I expected. All seems to be in order now. … Continue reading

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A Personal Example Of Hope Fulfilled

If you are a regular reader of our Today’s Enlightenment blog, you know that our theme is HOPE. I believe that if you are hoping for  something to happen, and if it is in accordance with God’s will, God will assure … Continue reading

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