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Who’s In Charge, Government or God?

For most of this past year, Americans have been exposed to the candidates who have been running for president and other government offices. We have heard their slogans and assurances that if elected, they will make some great changes in … Continue reading

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Some Good Thimgs About Moving

Special notice to our readers!  Please accept my apology for not posting on our Ray of Hope Ministries web-sites for the past few months. This was the result of the combination of serious health issues experienced by my wife Joan … Continue reading

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Good News – Love of God And Love Of Neighbor Will Prevail

Jesus tells the parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-33) in response to a question asked by some religious leaders. They ask Jesus, ” what is the greatest commandment?”. Jesus answers that there are two – “love God and love your neighbor … Continue reading

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Whatever You’re Age, God Always Has A Plan And Purpose For Your Life

Jack Benny was a famous and beloved comedian whose radio and TV career  lasted well into the 1960s. By the time I was old enough to hear and watch him on radio and TV, he was in his 60s. On … Continue reading

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What Makes Life Worth Living?

Most of the time the news the TV newscasts are mostly about bad news. Although the station I usually watch tries to balance the bad news with some good news. However, this past week the news, both close to home … Continue reading

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Stewardship Is A Way to Participate In God’s Ministry In The World

Before you read our latest post, we want to apologize to you for not posting for the past month or so. Unfortunately, my computer needed some repairs, which took much longer than I expected. All seems to be in order now. … Continue reading

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A Personal Example Of Hope Fulfilled

If you are a regular reader of our Today’s Enlightenment blog, you know that our theme is HOPE. I believe that if you are hoping for  something to happen, and if it is in accordance with God’s will, God will assure … Continue reading

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